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Are helicopters unsafe?

Heck no!

This is a common misconception by many!

In fact studies have shown you are 100+ more times likely to get into an automobile accident… and you drive everyday!

The pilots here at D-Tour Aviation not only make your helicopter ride fun and exciting, but they are specifically trained for in the very rare event an emergency occurs, to deal with it appropriately and get everyone on the ground safe.

Many people ask what happens in the event of an emergency.  We decided to show you in video form instead of boring you with a bunch of words.


– The D-Tour Aviation Staff

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!christmas helicopter We here at D-Tour Aviation want to make your holiday season more memorable than ever!

In the coming month, be sure to check in with us on Facebook and Groupon for special deals, which includes our Premier Holiday Lights Helicopter Tours.

This tour will take you to all of the holiday lights decorating our gorgeous City of Austin and the Texas Hill Country! These hot deals end Christmas Eve, so act fast!

From your friends here at D-Tour Aviation,

Happy Holidays!

Hello from the sky!

Over the past year, I have helped hundreds of passengers create memories in the sky.  Whether I’m giving kids their first helicopter flight, flying a couple around for a romantic sunset cruise, or helping a photographer capture unforgettable snapshots, every day is a different adventure.

Out of all the packages I offer, my favorite is seeing peoples’ eyes light up the first time they experience a helicopter ride. We may tour the scenic sites of Austin, Texas, or discover the Texas Hill Country treasure from an aerial view.

Check out our Packages or let us know how we can create a personalized package for your helicopter tour. You can also check out our Facebook page to see our customer’s experiences.

Hope to see you in the sky soon!

The D-Tour Aviation Staff


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